Chris Seehafer
Compassionate listener, teacher, student, believer and dreamer. I forge brands in digital Space.
  • “Chris is one of the best people I have ever worked with. He has great people skills, able to expertly articulate his vision and ideas, and always honest in his evaluations of a situation, making him an invaluable part of any team. He also made work fun and always knew how to keep things real.”

  • “Chris was a valuable member of the Sony 3rd party team; he consistently demonstrated a deep knowledge of video games, a passion for strong design, and a great attitude towards his colleagues and clients.”

  • “Chris is a sharp, project driven individual. He is driven and works well with others. It was great working with Chris!”

  • “Chris’ knowledge of game design, along with his enthusiasm for the art and craft, made him a perfect product evaluator — leading to a number of well-received titles.”

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